Santa Cruz Personal Rapid Transit

I stumbled upon this website today and have no idea whether it’s a serious or a joke.

Living in Santa Cruz really has screwed up my irony radar.

A little research leads me to believe this is very much a real thing.


I kinda want a podcar. 


One response to “Santa Cruz Personal Rapid Transit

  1. It’s a real thing; not real active in Santa Cruz. The idea is that point-to-point transit for individuals or small groups is actually more efficient than tooling an gigantic bus around for 3 people. nnIf you _really_ want to feel lost on the Left Coast, ask a political old-timer to think back 15 years or so when there was a short-lived but real push to replace bus routes to UCSC with — yes, sky buckets, much like the ones at the boardwalk. A form of PRT. According to a guy who was in admin with the SC Metro, it actually costed out. It was Gary Patton’s baby.

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