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Starting out 2013 on a weird note

A crop of what will undoubtedly be some of my favorite stories of the entire month all seemed to occur on the very first day of 2013. I can only assume this bodes well for the rest of the year.

Panty Raid

  • In the early morning hours of Jan. 1, a teen was arrested on suspicion of burglary. Police say a woman saw him fleeing from her bathroom window. The best part, however, is what he was found with: several pairs of her underwear along with pairs belonging to another woman/women.

Samurai swords: the new weapon of choice?

Shooting goats


From the annals of Santa Cruz history: the Bandler murder trial

I love reading about old cases here in Santa Cruz County. One of the most interesting cases I’ve been reading about lately has to do with a form of psychotherapy invented here in Santa Cruz called neurolinguistic programming.

One of the founders, Richard Bandler, apparently became swept up in drug use and before long, found himself on trial for the murder of a prostitute and student named Corine Christensen. He was eventually acquitted, but the whole sordid story behind it is fascinatingly weird. Mother Jones had a good account back in 1989.

Incidentally, in a few weeks it will be the 25th anniversary of Bandler’s acquittal. I’m trying to find out where the key players are now.

Does anyone remember this story? Were you living locally at the time?

This case has also, perhaps unsurprisingly, garnered a lot of conspiracy theories....

Dreaming of a white Christmas

It’s ten days before Christmas and I am beyond far behind on preparations. I never got a tree, much as I wanted to this year. I only managed to light the menorah for five of the past eight nights because I wasn’t home. I never got my cards together. I haven’t even begun to put together packages to send back east. Frankly, I am completely lacking in Christmas spirit. This isn’t atypical for me. It’s been a long time since I liked Christmas. Most years I find myself feeling like Charlie Brown, wondering just what precisely the point of Christmas is. I get overwhelmed by the commercialism, the pressure, the feeling of trying to cram activities into busy schedules. And don’t get me started on Christmas music. I hate Christmas music. Hate it. The one exception might be “Last Christmas,” but that’s simply because, well, how you can you ever go wrong with Wham!?

This year marks the second Christmas I will spend away from my loved ones on the east coast, much to my great chagrin. I’m sure this has a lot to do with my particular apathy toward the holiday this year. However, I believe it also has a lot to do with the weather. Christmas and snow, ice and cold weather and inextricably intertwined. It’s nearly impossible for me to be thinking about the holidays when it is still warm enough to walk on the beach. I mean, I don’t even have to worry about scraping ice off my windshield here, or thawing the icicles in my hair before I go into work. I imagine that after living here long enough, you overcome this mental block. I’m curious to know exactly how long it will take me. A year and a half is definitely not long enough.

Homeless Hacker featured in Ars Technica

In case the self-proclaimed “homeless hacker” Christopher Doyon had fallen off your radar, never fear.

He’s back, sorta, thanks to a profile in the tech geek website Ars Technica.

The piece details his adventures from hacking the county’s websites to getting hit with federal charges, to then skipping bail and leaving local attorney Ed Frey to foot the bill.

Read the entire thing here.

Incidentally, Linda Lemaster — who was sentenced to community service last week for an illegal lodging conviction — said during her trial that she was stayed at the courthouse past dark to take care of Doyon during the Peace Camp 2010 protest.

Personal hygiene lessons from the Santa Cruz library staff

This is the flier Santa Cruz library staff may now pass out to patrons. Yes. Really.

See my colleague J.M. Brown’s story here.

Santa Cruz weather is my favorite

I just got back from an amazing conference, this year held at a resort outside Albuquerque.

While the desert has its beauty, I am very thrilled to be back to Santa Cruz weather and the lovely ocean breeze. All that dry weather made my skin feel horrible, dried out my contacts and even gave me a nosebleed! I guess you probably get used to it eventually, but it definitely made me appreciate the climate here even more.

I’m also feeling very appreciative to not being dealing with Sandy, and keeping my fingers crossed for the safety of my loved ones and everyone else back east.



This weekend, I finally felt my first California earthquake. Saturday, around midnight, we heard our glasses shaking in the cupboards and felt a rumbling of the floor.

Sure enough, it was a small quake. It’s silly, but I felt a funny sense of pride and joy having finally felt one.